Sunday, January 22, 2012

# 21 (TM) - Fucked Up - David Comes to Life

Holy crap this album has a lot going against it - the NSFW for band name, the unrelenting hardcore growl of a mostly shirtless lead singer named Pink Eyes, the hard to penetrate (and understand) lyrics to a godforsaken prog-punk opera, a 78 minute running time - but every time I put this disc on my heart rate accelerates and I feel like a better man. This thing explodes in scream-along mayhem with force, anger, bile and a bulldozer's soft touch that takes its only breaths with the occasional sweet touch of girl group coos that leavens a song like "Queen of Hearts".

Rock and roll is dead? Nah... it's just Fucked Up.

Fucked Up - "Queen of Hearts"  (from David Comes to Life)
Fucked Up - "Turn The Season" (from David Comes to Life)

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