Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

So there were three options for Valentine's Day night 2008 - pick-up basketball with Mezz and my cousin (good cardio, burn off calories, almost full support from wife), a New York Dolls concert with my brother (new venue, my brother and I love David Jo, medium support from wife) or a nice seafood pasta dinner (my favorite!) with my wife and son followed by a family viewing of Father of The Bride (warmth and dessert, a couple of yuks, 100% support from wife).

So what did I choose?
God damn I hate Martin Short... was that guy ever funny?


Anonymous said...

No - he never was.

Kevin McClatchy said...

Actually, he was funny once — in "The Big Picture."

don said...

Why the hell didn't you watch the original? Nobody does the slow burn like Spencer Tracy and Liz at that age may have been the best looking woman EVER.