Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello, World Cafe listeners!

We see you lurking. Welcome to those visiting for the first time. Hello, Dover, New Hampshire. Hello, Plano, Texas. Hello, Rochester, New York. Sit a spell, and come back any time.

For those who didn't hear, after some snappy repartee with David Dye, our set sounded like this:

"Teenage Kicks," The Undertones
"When Irish Eyes Are Burning," Ike Reilly Assassination
"Daft Punk Is Playing At My House," LCD Soundsystem
"The Laws Have Changed," The New Pornographers
"Your Little Hoodrat Friend," The Hold Steady

It was 20% shameless self-promotion, and 80% tribute to the continuing vitality of the rock and roll song in the 21st Century.

Many thanks to David Dye, one of the great people in radio and on earth. It was fun.


Kevin Gardner said...

Great job guys! Thanks to the reminder from lahuitre, I switched over from my usual Friday afternoon spot (kexp). Somehow you sounded both youthfully exuberant and worldly wise at the same time. The songs exemplified the "three and a half minutes of pure pop pleasure" principle beautifully. What about programming a hifi stream from this site?!? Might take a lot of time though. Maybe you could do a podcast instead. Just a thought.

Thanks for the collaborative effort!

Kevin G.

Zapiekanka said...

The world (cafe) would be a better place if youse was on the air vs. old crusty britches. When was the last time that old f*rt actually rocked? Move to florida already you old crab.

Mike said...

ATCH - Never one known for shameless self promotion...and still not. I could not agree more that we "men of this age group" have the mistaken belief that no one makes music like "that" anymore. Although I will continue to cling mightily to the tunes of my college days, I now feel comfortable reaching away from that branch occasionally to taste a new piece of fruit.

Mike S.

Salem, OR

Michael Atchison said...

Hello, Mike S. Thanks for visiting.

Stay positive, snarky b.

Kevin, the stream idea sounds like fun, and I've crunched the numbers, and until we get someone to underwrite the project to the tune of five or six figures to cover royalties and publishing fees, it's probably not going to happen

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice Snark.. Another advocate for putting 'em on the iceberg.

If you listened you would know that I've played every artist on Teenage Kicks masterful list.

Crusty the Clown

Zapiekanka said...

...thought wxpn was a college station.