Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Simple Twist of Fate for The Format

Teenage Kicks orch-pop crush-worthy faves The Format have decided to go out on top. Announcing yesterday that they "will not be making a new Format album", that will leave Dog Problems, their ridiculously tuneful 2006 release (# 1 with a bullet here), as their final collaborative salvo. Their myspace statement states:

We have just put out word that we will not be making a new Format album. Please understand this was a tough decision and we're both upset about it. While we accept there will be false speculation as to why, understand that Sam and I remain extremely close and in fact are still passing the twin peaks box set back and forth in an attempt to figure out who REALLY killed laurapalmer. We also want to thank everyone with and within the Format,particularly Mike, Don, and Marko, whom without, none of this would haveever even been fully realized. We both suggest you support their musicaltalents and whatever they decide to do. And lastly we want to thank thefans who made this the best 5 years of our lives.

Singer Nate Ruess is already at work on his first non-Format album, scheduled for release by the end of the year.

Here's a few Format rarities to ease your troubled mind - and remember, it wasn't you, it was them.

Apeman mp3 (Kinks cover)

Tune Out mp3 (acoustic version)

Simple Twist of Fate mp3 (Dylan cover)

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