Monday, May 17, 2010

Day Three - Free Energy's Bang Pop

Free Energy "Bang Pop" Music Video

FREE ENERGY MySpace Music Videos

Free Energy's video for "Bang Pop" was released via MySpace today and it's two-bit homage to Rock 'N' Roll High School, every John Hughes movie ever made and cheesy, late night soft-core porn (so I've heard). In other words, it's the greatest video ever made.

Free Energy's just released debut packs a mountain of sugary hooks with obvious nods to T. Rex ("Dream City"') and the entire Poptopia series. But "Bang Pop's" fuzzy guitar intro seems to draw divine inspiration from 70's Bay City Rollers' spin-off Pilot and their majestic one hit "Magic". Check it out and see for yourself.

Free Energy - "Bang Pop"

Free Energy - "Free Energy"

Pilot - "Magic"


Unknown said...

Watched the video for "bang pop" wow just wow... i liked the guitar though. Funky video.

Ms Suki said...

I think they must have had more fun filming this than they would have had at Record Store Day. And, damn, "Magic' sounds good!

bridaisy98 said...

They video was pretty cool. the song was ALOT better than the 1st two. No banjo, electric guitar, happy, upbeat. This one deserves a 8.5

bridaisy98 said...

sorry! I meant This, not they.

Ian said...

BANG POP: blow your mind crazy video. Good song though, call me an easy grader but 8.