Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 17 - Corin Raymond Brings Music Back Home Again

If John Prine's debut holds a special place in your heart, you may fall head over heels in love with Corin Raymond's "There Will Always Be A Small Time". There's the self-deprecating sense of humor, wordplay that seems so simple until you try it and aw-shucks phrasing that tugs at the heart and burrows into the soul. The Toronto-based songwriter writes simple, direct songs that make a pure, straight connection from artist to listener.

"There Will Always Be A Small Time" celebrates shared moments in small rooms, a million stars of varying brightness shining "when the nine-to-fivers go to bed". Raymond sees a rising star ("Nearly everywhere I go I hear you on the radio") and while sending well wishes, also leaves out the welcome mat for a return "now and then". He's ready for his big break (should it come), but if it doesn't come he can still play the local every Thursday night. It's a woe-is-me tale without the woe, just the belief that the song will always endure, no matter when and where it is sung.

"Music's come back home again
Nowadays we're playing in the parlors
Like the way they used to do
Oh the big times they are a-changing fast
The only thing that's gonna last
Is that folks like us sing songs for folks like you"

Hat tip and thanks to the wonderful songs:illinois blog for the illumination.

Corin Raymond - Blue Mermaid Dress
Corin Raymond's cd seems to be only available at cdbaby as far as I can tell.


Ms Suki said...

Wow, that does sound very John Prine-ish. I really like it and will buy the CD. Thanks.

PS - I give it an 8.

Unknown said...

If you like this, check out his recording "Record Lonesome Night". GREAT album. A homespun wonder. I swear I hear a doorbell faintly in the background in "Three Thousand Miles".

CRay said...

Oly: I can't resist responding to your surmising about the doorbell-- that faint sound you hear is the sound of the mandolin player taking another Labatt's Blue out of the case at his feet... it's the clink of a bottle. Whenever I hear it it takes me right back to the summer day it was recorded.

Trip McClatchy: I just wanted to say what a rare treat it is to hear from someone who not only gets it, but who puts it so well. You have a truly beautiful turn of phrase and I'm thankful you decided to shine it on me. There will always be a small time!