Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thirty Days

Recently, on one of the morning shows, I saw an interview with Doug and Annie Brown, a couple who consummated their love every day for 101 days straight, an endeavor that Doug chronicled for the world to read. First off, I think it’s clear that Annie gets a unanimous, first-ballot induction into the International Wives Hall of Fame both for her physical generosity and for encouraging Doug to write a book about it (as someone who writes a little, I’m not sure which gift is greater). And second, their effort has given me an idea for Teenage Kicks.

If Trip has read this far, he’s understandably concerned, but worry not, partner, this doesn’t involve you. Rather, taking inspiration from the Browns, I pledge to post something here, starting at this moment, every day for the next thirty days (I actually posted yesterday, too; consider it a bonus), which will take us through September 3. Some days, undoubtedly, will consist of maintenance blogging. But I’ll do my best to throw in some sweaty, screaming, swinging from the chandelier blogging, too.

You’ve been warned.

And now, apropos of nothing, enjoy some T. Rex:


Anonymous said...

1) Those weren't backup singers, they were voice doubles (screamers) for Wes Craven.

2) I've heard it said that T.Rex was the first glam rock; now I get it.

3) At about 4:30 in, I was wondering where this could go for another 3 and a half minutes. Well worth my time sticking around to find out!!


-tom said...

ahh yeah, when late night tv was still real, just listen to those backup singers squealing