Monday, August 25, 2008

During the Encore, A Woman Came Between Us

Quite literally. She appeared out of the ether and squeezed in. She was drunk. And perhaps meth-addicted. And offering Altoids to everyone in the area (yeah, thanks, but no, I'm good). Also, I'm pretty sure I got groped, though she may have just been trying to keep her balance. She desperately tried to say something to me, but it was in a voice smaller than her pupils, and I couldn't hear. She stared right at me from a distance of ten inches all through "Born to Run." I tried not to notice, but I've got me some stellar peripheral vision. Luckily for her, she can't remember this morning. Sadly for me, I'll never forget.

It's a new kind of tired today, and I have to show Trip around the Paris of the Plains before he heads back, so more details to follow. But a show that started with "Ricky Wants a Man of Her Own" and "Cynthia"? I never would have guessed that.

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