Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Best of 2012... Seems Like a Long Time (# 15 to # 11)

With apologies (and Happy New Year) to my friend Sarah, here are my favorite 15 records of 2012. She says I am 11 months late, I say I need time and distance to critically evaluate a year's worth of music. She says maybe I'm lazy, I say maybe she's right. It appears that 2013 outshone 2012 with more spectacular releases, but 2012 still had much to be proud about it. So here goes (with special shoutout to Handsome Bob Brandt for keeping the faith... gotta love the kids!)

15. The White Wires - WWIII - a straight up power pop record, recorded like it was 1980 and no one was listening. And apparently no one was, as I found this youtube clip from a year ago that indicates it was from the last White Wires show and has amassed 115 views in a year. But Ramones fans will love their dedication to the buzz and the hook, and so will J Johnny Mezz. R.I.P. White Wires.

14. The Vaccines - Coming Of Age - Smart-ass and cheeky, more classic rock than punk rock, Coming of Age feels like a collection of singles and that's OK with me. Buzzsaw guitars and gruff, deadpan delivery from lead singer Justin Young provide easy access but keep listeners at arm's length. Possible future greatness... Joey P approved.

13. Ian Hunter - When I'm President - Still full of spit and fire, Ian Hunter's When I'm President  makes a case for the greatest rock record made by anyone over 70. 100 years from now, if someone asks your great-grandchildren what rock and roll was like, let's hope they just show them a picture of Ian Hunter.

12. Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls - Packed for Exile - Lean, heartfelt alt country with a punky attitude, Jason Heath's sophomore album toils in Southern California obscurity waiting to be discovered all those Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty fans seeking a fresh take on their heroes' classic Americana back porch anthems. Come to Philly, Jason.

11. The Weeks - Gutter Gaunt Gangster - Thanks T-Dawg for these guys. Southern rock soul stew that percolates and bubbles up with the funkiest bass this side of Muscle Shoals and a lead singer whose bored NYC 1977 via Otis drawl makes you want to fall in love. Coming to Philadelphia next week at Underground Arts. Don't miss them!

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