Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Weeks - "The House We Grew Up in" is Your New Favorite Song

Signed to Kings of Leon's imprint, Serpents and Snakes, The Weeks reek of the same good-time southern booze-soaked grime the Kings took to the bank, but don't let that deter you. The Weeks follow their own path, mixing Mississippi hillbilly soul with Nirvana's loud/quiet/loud explosions (check out "Buttons" on their debut, Comeback Cadillac). Lead singer Cyle Barnes, loping around the stage like a Rebel Jeff Spicoli, looks like the bastard love child of Matt Dillon and Slapshot's Hanson brothers and sings in a carefree emo-acid drawl.

Their show this past Saturday at Philadelphia's Milkboy was a revelation, as it far surpassed their ramshackle early recordings (major props to my nephew T, who's been singing this band's praises for 4 years and was the catalyst for this show). The Weeks are getting better by the second, as you'll see by the different versions of "The House We Grew Up In", the latter version from Gutter, Gaunt Gangster EP that came out last year. I am guessing this will also be on their upcoming album, the wondrously titled Dear Bo Jackson, out April 30. It's a bar band anthem crawling in the hazy morass of touring tedium and shenanigans, buffed to a bright sheen with a big, bouncy chorus - absolutely perfect for whatever still constitutes rock radio. Is it too early to call it the song of the summer? Nah, it's never too early to call for anything summer when the wind chill hovers in the single digits. They can't stop them.

Listen here:

The Weeks - "The House We Grew Up In" (from Gutter, Gaunt Gangster)
The Weeks - "The House We Grew Up In" (from Comeback Cadillac)

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