Monday, July 20, 2009

Gaslight Anthem, Kelly Clarkson & Lucero

Apparently there's nothing The Gaslight Anthem boys can't do. Make 2008's best record (check), sold out club tour 'round the world (check), share stage with major influence and rock god Bruce Springsteen at the venerable Glastonbury Festival (check), cover Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hook Up" (check... I mean wha-a-a-t?).

The Gaslight Anthem - "I Do Not Hook Up" (Radio One Live Lounge)

Also - the new Lucero album, 1372 Overton Park, is due October 6th. They are streaming one song "The Devil And Maggie Chascarillo" over at the band's website .... and you will love it. Dig the horns and 'Mats reference.


Scott McClatchy said...

A few years back, I was living in Brooklyn. One of the moderators of this blog phoned me up to say this new band was playing in Brooklyn the next night and I had to go see them. I walked through the door of the club that night not knowing one song this band played. I walked out of the door at the end of the night with all the merch that band had available.

To this day, I still say that there in not another “new” band out there that is better than Lucero. On record … and live … these guys blow away all contenders. This song proves that I was right all along. Thanks for posting the link!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I really enjoyed this cover. <3 Gaslight & Brian live is amazing!