Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008 Quick Hits # 2 - Birdmonster, The Bittersweets, Bodeans & The Box Social

Four more from 2008 that you might have missed:

Birdmonster - "I Might Have Guessed" (from From The Mountain to The Sea)

A quirky, mandolin spackled bit of americana that makes me wish Ryan Adams still had the capability to conjure an effortless melody like this. Indie roots heartbreak for the aughts.

The Bittersweets - "Goodnight, San Francisco" (from Goodnight San Francisco)

Do we need another soul baring lament about leaving home to become a rock and roll star? I think we do - this wistful piano driven ballad is a slow burn that will appeal to Kim Richey and Tift Merritt fans.

Bodeans - "The First Time" (from Still)

Sam Llanas' nasal squawk and Kurt Neuman's warm, clear voice are still capable of providing Everlys inspired comfort food for the soul. Still may not rise to the heights of their magical 1986 debut, but there is still plenty to savor 20 years on.

The Box Social - "Hot Damn!" (from Get Going)

Starting off with a cowbell and a bubbling bass line, the Box Social's spiky "Hot Damn!" is full of a fuzzy, scuzzy Westerberg-ian ache that begs for more. Which apparently will not happen, as Teenage Kicks breaking news reports that The Box Social has broken up. Too bad.

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-tom said...

That Box Social song is one of my faves from this year too. Don't know if I ever thanked you guys for turning me on to that one. Good stuff. Thanks.