Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jenny Lewis & Yuengling!

Oh YES! And rumor has it she cut a recent encore short to catch the end of the Phillies game.
Here's Jenny and boyfriend Jonathan Rice getting all Gram and Emmylou on us with a spare take on "Love Hurts".
Jenny Lewis - Love Hurts
And here's one by Deer Tick - Providence, RI's (Lou?!) contribution to the slightly skewed alt-country sweepstakes and inspired opening act choice for Jenny Lewis' Friday show in Wilmington, DE. Young savant John McCauley (he's only 21) has got one of those voices - battle lines will be drawn. I'm hearing the late, lamented Gear Daddies and a drummer whose high harmonies and over-abundant facial hair were a concert highlight. Not to mention guitarist Andy, who was playing his first show (not with the band... ever!) and bassist Chris, a Napoleon Dynamite doppelganger, who rushed the stage at the end of Jenny Lewis' set like two love-struck schoolboys. I love these guys.
Deer Tick... tis the season.


Michael Atchison said...

Forgot to mention that I had a Yuengling at Disney World (it's on the menu at Chef Mickey's). Be sure to make your reservations early.

Anonymous said...


thank you so much for the Jenny Lewis/Jonathan Rice track.