Friday, September 21, 2007

Sorry, honey, I forgot our anniversary

It occurs to me that Teenage Kicks recently had its first birthday, but neither of us noticed. How are we going to supplant Rolling Stone as the pinnacle of hipster cred if we don't continually celebrate our history with retrospective pieces? So here's a half-hearted effort. If you want to go back to the beginning, click here and here, but forgive the font colors, which were a victim of the site's epic redesign a few months back. And listen to these songs that Graham Parker and Roxy Music recorded especially for the occasion.

Graham Parker - Anniversary
Roxy Music - Sentimental Fool


Snowwhite said...

Happy anniversary baby, got you on my mind.

Scott McClatchy said...

So what are we to get the lovely couple? I mean ... all you both really care about is college basketball and music. And I'm guessing you have everything you need in those categories ?

How about a nice bundt cake?

Happy Anniversary Guys!!!
And many, many, many, many more!!