Friday, August 22, 2008


Perhaps sensing that I’m running out of steam 2/3 of the way through this endeavor (OK, I said “I’m running out of steam, give me an idea!”), Mary suggests a post on rock and roll types who have undergone some significant transformation. Not a David Bowie/Madonna-style transformation that is part of the show, but a real-live I-used-to-be-that-and-now-I’m-this-style makeover. Here are a few:

Y Kant Tori Read to Tori Amos

Til Tuesday to Aimee Mann

Johnny Cougar to John Mellencamp

Happy Alanis Morissette to Angry Alanis Morissette

Michael Jackson to Skeletor

Ministry to MINISTRY!!


Art said...

What about Sheena "My Baby Takes the Morning Train" Easton to sex pot? Young Prince and the Artist Formerly known as ....? Going back a bit what about 60s Bee Gees (think Massachusetts) to Saturday Night Fever Bee Gees? Don't forget, my favorites, Bono w/ a mullet in the 80s to rock god of today.

Scott McClatchy said...

<<“I’m running out of steam, give me an idea!”...>>

You need ideas? How about this:
Five songs that you love that your friends don’t “get”

For me:

“I Like Trucks” - Kendel Carson
“Shelter” - Cinderella
“Street Legal” (The Entire Album) – Bob Dylan
“Gunslinger” - John Fogerty
“Baby Girl” – Will Hoge

Happy Friday!