Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brucing His Age

In golf, an aspiration for long-time players is to shoot their age – that is, to complete 18 holes with a score equal to or less than their number of years on earth. What might the equivalent be for a rock and roll fan? I think it’s to see the same act play more shows than you’ve had birthdays.

As previously mentioned, Trip is coming to Kansas City this weekend to sample some barbecue (I’m planning to take him to Oklahoma Joe’s, but my conscience keeps telling me he should experience the original Arthur Bryant’s) and to catch Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on the next-to-last date of the current tour. We have a pair of general admission tickets for the floor, and if the lottery is good to us, we’ll be right up front in the pit, requests Sharpied on our foreheads.

Trip turned 51 recently, but he possesses the energy of any two men half his age. By the grace of the notorious spreadsheet and this post, it appears that this will be his 56th Springsteen show. The man has Bruced his age.

Can anyone else out there boast a similar achievement with any band? I can’t, not even close. If you can, leave us a comment, even if it’s the Grateful Dead or Phish.


-tom said...

Not counting playing shows with my own bands one of which has played shows well into the 100's. I can't think of anyone that's much more than somewhere in the 20-30 times range.The Ramones,Soul Asylum,Lucinda Williams,Ryan Adams,John Wesley Harding all make that cut. Too many to even mention in the 10-20 range.
My personal Springsteen count is still under 20.

Terri said...

I've not yet reached it, but come close. At 26, I've seen Matt Nathanson 22 times. Maybe being Trip's niece does have some perks after all...