Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to School

We put our daughter on the bus to the second grade today, marking the earliest start to school I can recall (August 13? Seriously?). She met her teacher last night, and was immediately stoked to discover that said instructor is young and fashionable, which could not be said for my second grade teacher, who I recall being stern and seventy. The cheetah-print chair sitting in the corner of the new classroom was seen as a good omen, with The Cheetah Girls: One World set to premiere next week. We’re having a watch party at our house with pizza, juice boxes, dancing, and screaming. Lots and lots of screaming. Feel free to stop by.

Enjoy the soundtrack of the day:

Graham Parker and the Rumour – “Back to Schooldays”

The Loud Family – “The Second Grade Applauds”

The Kinks – “Summer’s Gone”


ob said...

Early has been a relentless trend this year - I fully expect Christmas to arrive somewhere around December 11th.

Art said...

Always glad to see a link to a Kinks song, but you picked the wrong one. Well, that one probably did capture your thoughts quite well. However, the quientessential Kinks song about school is Schooldays from Schoolboys in Disgrace.

On another note, school started on Aug. 4 here in the valley.

juanita said...

My second grade teacher wasn't hip and stylish either. Miss Willinger had a heavy southern accent, which is unusual in Baltimore. When she told us to take out our "ru-lahs", we looked at each other in disbelief.