Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Around the Horn

I warned that there would be some maintenance blogging, and this post admittedly qualifies, but I still think it will be worth your while as we take a spin around the web. First, we check in with three of my favorite writers (not just bloggers): Joe Posnanski, who is in Beijing covering the Olympics, has himself a Springsteen dilemma; Nick Hornby has a brief but lovely remembrance of Jerry Wexler; and we're having a rock geek hootenanny as we update "Who's on First?" in the comments at Steve Rushin's blog.

Over at I am Fuel, You are Friends, Heather has been on fire lately, sharing tons of new (and sometimes unavailable) music, including new songs from The National and Wilco.

And finally, to my good friends in The Hold Steady and Drive-By Truckers, do I need to buy you a map and show you where Kansas City is? Even Bruce Springsteen can find the place, and he has an AARP card.

Speaking of Springsteen, Trip is making his way out west for the show and the first Teenage Kicks summit in the central time zone. More to follow . . .

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