Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Unicorns Roam

I cherish any opportunity to post the Greatest Photograph of All-Time, and this occasion seems apt. Though the marriage didn’t work out so well, it appears that Michael Jackson remains on good terms with David Gest, the former Mr. Minelli. In fact, they’re collaborating on a project that will set the poems of Robert Burns to music, completing the logical progression from “Billie Jean” to “Tam O’Shanter.” As initially conceived, the plan was even more ambitious, but the fickle finger of mortality intervened.

"Michael and I were originally going to do a musical on his [Burns'] life with Gene Kelly directing and Anthony Perkins as executive producer," Gest said, "but they both died."

Damn the luck. That I would like to have seen.

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-tom said...

Before I read your post I thought I was seeing a press photo for the cast of a new Addams Family movie.