Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fill in the Blank

The following comes from a recent featured review in one of the major music mags.

“______’s fantastic third album is steeped in the fuzzed-up guitars, three-part harmonies and cotton-candy choruses of Big Star and Cheap Trick. Power-pop die-hards awaiting the genre’s commercial saviors must reckon with the fact that the messiahs have arrived.”

Can you guess the band that goes in the blank? If so, leave a comment. If no one gets it in the next couple of days, I’ll reveal the answer.


-tom said...

I was thinking nothing new I've heard lately fits that description so I cheated and googled, which prompts the response of
"Ha, Ha, Ha, NOT!"

Anonymous said...

Jonas Brothers. I've never heard them, but I read the review this morning.

Michael Atchison said...

Well, that didn't take long. And anonymous clearly doesn't have a daughter between the ages of 5 and 12.

Art said...

I cheated as well, and all I can say is OMG !!!

If this cd makes any of the Teenage Kicks' reviewers top 10 at the end of the year, I'm moving to Mars.

countrykid said...

you're a sick sick man Michale!

juanita said...

I first heard of the Jonas Brothers in the comic strip Heart of the City. The little girl, Heart, won tickets to a show. And blog entry doesn't say anything about not using Google. Googling is like breathing. It's 2008!