Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 67 - Twelve Random Thoughts While Thoroughly Enjoying Deer Tick and Kenzingers on A Sweltering Hot Night at Johnny Brenda's

1. Beer + Music = Bliss.

2. Fat, bearded drummers are the best.

3. Why does every single band have at least one quite serviceable 3-4 minute song that they feel must be extended into a ten minute jam. And why do audiences inevitably cheer wildly for this excruciating number?

4. Deer Tick is much better live than on record. And they are very good on record.

5. Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia is the best rock club in the country.

6. The $3.00 PBC Kenzinger draught beer at Johnny Brenda's is manna from heaven.

7. "Everybody loves a cover" - John McCauley of Deer Tick on 7/20/10. He is absolutely right. Every band should have at least three cover songs in their set.

8. Usually skinny-ass, shirtless, tatooed, sunglass-wearing frontmen are insufferable. Deer Tick's John McCauley pulled off that quite unfashionable look with aplomb.

9. The fat, bearded drummer's show-closing encore cover of "Let's Get It On" brought to mind the cover by Barry Jive and His Uptown Five in High Fidelity, and was equally impressive.
Speaking of which - Jack Black is almost 100% insufferable.

10. A band with a sense of humor is quite appealing.

11. Deer Tick also covered the Replacements "Can't Hardly Wait" (impossible to go wrong with that one) and Chuck Berry's "Maybelline". Apparently every Chuck Berry song except "Johnny B. Goode" sounds great in a bar. And "Johnny B. Goode" only fails the acid test because it's been played over a billion times by bar bands large and small. Please stop playing "Johnny B. Goode". Thank you.

12. Chuck Berry's The Great Twenty-Eight is probably the greatest greatest hits collection ever assembled. It is the Ten Commandments of rock and roll.

Deer Tick - "When She Comes Home" (from The Black Dirt Sessions)

Deer Tick - "Little White Lies" (from Born on Flag Day)

Chuck Berry - "Maybelline" (from The Great Twenty-Eight)

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bob said...

I like the new Deer Tick. Thanks for the review...especially the part about Jack Black being insufferable.