Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 57 - Lust For Life

Last year the google-phobic Girls released one of the year's best debuts with the equally search engine unfriendly title Album. In addition to the fantastic "Hellhole Ratrace", "Ghost Mouth", "Laura", Album also featured the narcotically ringing wish list, plea for love and mission statement that is "Lust For Life", no relation to Iggy's classic of the same name. The above video would have made these guys stars back when MTV had actually had something to do with music.

Now American actress C.C. Sheffield has released a throbbing, Gaga-riffic cover that should be filling dancefloors all over the world. You probably know Ms. Sheffield from her sterling one episode turn as Sienna in the 2007 "Devil in Disguise" episode in the low water mark for situation comedy that is According to Jim. (Yeah, I know, I never heard of her either, but she does possess many qualities treasured by the shallow male - see photo).

C.C. Sheffield - "Lust For Life"

Girls - "Lust For Life"

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