Thursday, July 08, 2010

Day 55 - Frightened Rabbit Covers The Lemonheads

Frightened Rabbit covers The Lemonheads

Every Tuesday since March 16th, the kind folks at The A.V. Club have had a battle of the songs as they have invited the hipperati to cover a predetermined list of 25 songs, each band getting to choose a song until there's only one left. I wonder what poor saps will get stuck with Billy Squier's "Everybody Wants You"?

It's an inspired idea that started with the odd pairing of Ted Leo covering Tears For Fears, the more natural matchup of Justin Townes Earle covering Springsteen, the righteous hookup of Rise Against covering Nirvana and last week the opposites attract combination of Frightened Rabbit taking on the Lemonheads. Scott Hutchinson's sad sack world weary melancholia would seem to be miles away from Evan Dando's zippy pop tunes, but Hutchinson finds the deeper blue on Dando's shoulda-sorta-woulda unrequited love story.

Don't forget to check out Frightened Rabbit's Winter of Mixed Drinks, one of 2010's best.

Frightened Rabbit - "Confetti"

The Lemonheads - "Confetti" (from It's A Shame About Ray)


Cyber PR said...

I definitely enjoyed the cover better. Thanks for the post!

Jon Wolf said...


I had no idea how to rip that audio but was hoping someone would, awesome!