Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 59 - HELEN STELLaR - "Telescope Eyes"

In recent weeks, no song has made me do the ipod double take more than HELEN STELLaR's "Telescope Eyes", whose addictive "I'm standing right in front of you, why can't you see" chorus is an end credits soundtrack closer waiting to happen. Which shouldn't be a surprise since these guys have placed songs on Friday Night Lights (best show on TV over the last 5 years!), the L Word and Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown soundtrack.

Opening with a 30 second hypnotic tribal thump, "Telescope Eyes" soars on ringing guitars and a pleading vocal that would find a comfortable home next to Coldplay or The Verve on your local AAA or alt-rock station. It seems destined to appear 15 years from now on one those groovy, righting past oversights comps that will help a new generation discover unjustly ignored guitar bands from the early 10's.

HELEN STELLaR - "Telescope Eyes"

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