Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 45 - "Waterloo Sunset"

Original Kinks bassist Pete Quaife died last week at age 66, another rock and roll pioneer gone in what seems like an unending procession of recent passings. Rock and roll can be hard but few songs were as perfect as "Waterloo Sunset". It captures the moment when you feel you're home, where loneliness or the world passing you by ceases to matter. Buffalo Tom main man Bill Janovitz, in his fantastic blog Part Time Man of Rock, reminisces about Pete Quaife and his "descending intro line on one of pop music's most beautiful songs" and offers up a heartfelt, bare bones cover of the Kinks greatest song.
If you're only having one, make it a "Waterloo Sunset".

Bill Janovitz - "Waterloo Sunset"
The Kinks - "Waterloo Sunset"
Elliott Smith - "Waterloo Sunset"
Robyn Hitchcock - "Waterloo Sunset"
Islands - "Waterloo Sunset"

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simon2307 said...

Never tire of hearing Waterloo Sunset, one of the finest songs ever.
RIP Pete Quaife.