Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 35 - Inside All of Us There's A Big Charlie

Today we bring you Big Charlie from Italy. I hear a little Jarvis Cocker, a little Beck, mix in some classic Motown backbeat and set to an irresistible lounge-y arrangement. Shake and stir. Sip slowly. This shouldn't work, but it does. Love the cold ending, but this video gives me the willies.

Big Charlie - Roses from Director Kobayashi on Vimeo.

Big Charlie - "Roses"

Here's Big Charlie on Big Charlie:

Big Charlie is everyone who identifies himself in it.

Big Charlie is white like a New One.

It has big ears to listen all voices, all sounds, all notes.

Big Charlie is the Big Jump.

It is watching everything from above.

..In the frenetic rhythm, in the beat of the Charleston, in the jerking movements...

Big Charlie can't scare you...

It is a synchronized step dance.

Inside all of us there's irreverence.

Inside all of us there's fear.

Inside all of us there's a Big Charlie"

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