Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 34 - Mean Streets

There are a million bands. Mean Streets is a band. So I guess you could say that Mean Streets is one in a million. And right now they are a band carrying the torch for the unassailable spirit of rock and roll. These are scruffy South Jersey punks, marauding sons of Billy, and you need a face full of this.

Splattering gloriously loud power chords and vein busting vocals in the spittle flying tradition of patron saint Joe Strummer, Mean Streets sound like motorcycle exhaust with start-a-revolution mid pipes. I caught these guys last month opening for Ike Reilly at The Khyber and they punched a hole in the wall with a 45 minute set that was pure adrenaline.

I had to badger their dad to find their music, which showed up last week in an unmarked envelope with stuff crossed out on the cd, a photocopied list of songs and a myspace address. This is DIY grass roots stuff, and I guarantee that fans of The Clash, Ike Reilly, Social Distortion, Black Flag and The Dictators will not be disappointed.

Mean Streets - "Not For Long"
Mean Streets
- "On My Own"
For vinyl loves, Mean Streets have 2 7" singles available. You can order them from:
Longshot Music has a 7" picture disc of "That Day"


bob said...

Yeah, they were a fun opener to Ike!

Joe said...

I love stuff like this. I just wish those bands would play at anywhere-but-the-Khyber-or-Tritone so I can actually go to them. (under age, you see.)