Monday, May 24, 2010

Day Ten - Maybe Every Record Should Include A Song Called "I Want You Back"

Hot on the heels of Michael's declaration that "Love Is" is the finest two-word phrase to begin a song title outside of any that begins with the first-person singular, I submit that no song title in rock and roll has been better served that "I Want You Back". With the recent release of the four song EP Let It Slip (and imminent release of debut full length Loveless Unbeliever) from Welsh heartbreakers The School, "I Want You Back" claims its fourth different great song by that title.

There is the Jackson Five's sizzling "I Want You Back", one of the greatest 5 singles of all-time (you can argue over the other four), the Plimsouls' "I Want You Back", their garage rock stomp nugget from their debut, the Hoodoo Gurus jangle pop classic "I Want You Back" from Stoneage Romeos and now the School's fluttery sunshine pop soon-to-be-classic "I Want You Back".

For those that find a combination of the Shirelles, Belle & Sebastian, the Go-Gos, and Camera Obscura irresistible (I'm looking at you Mark X and Mezz), I guarantee you will love Loveless Unbeliever.

The School - I Want You Back
Jackson Five - I Want You Back
Hoodoo Gurus - I Want You Back
The Plimsouls - I Want You Back

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