Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 15 - Miles Nielsen's "Gravity Girl"

Sometimes the inbox brings a totally unexpected, left-field treat. Today it's Miles Nielsen's "Gravity Girl", that stakes its claim to the melody-drenched americana the Bodeans perfected on their still-classic debut. Miles Nielsen also happens to be the son of Rick Nielsen, grand poobah of the still-great power pop masters Cheap Trick. I like Nielsen's own description of his music, which he calls " Beatle-esque Cosmic Americana". In an alternate universe, this would be the feel good hit of the summer, a stunner of a pop song.

"Gravity Girl" is taken from Miles Nielsen's debut cd, Miles, available at CD Baby, itunes and

1 comment:

Bridget said...

GRAVITY GIRL-This was goodish. the vocalists could use some work. this one gets a 6.5