Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 12 - Two New Arcade Fire Songs

Pitchfork reported earlier today that two new Arcade Fire songs had leaked, and now it already seems like old news. The first song "Suburbs" has a Waterboys' Fisherman's Blues vibe with a Bowie-ish falsetto chorus. After two listens, I think I like it.

The second song ("Month May") gets your pulse racing in a whoosh of feedback, a curt 1-2-3-4 into a fuzzed rush of punk energy. After two listens, I'm sure I love it. But some of the lyrics make me think this may be relegated to a b-side.

"Gonna make a record in the month of May,
In the month of May, in the month of May
Gonna make a record in the month of May
When the violent wind blows the wires away"

"Teenage Kicks was asked to remove the links to the two new Arcade Fire songs, which we have done on 6/11/10."


theneedledrop said...

The tracks are growing on me a bit, too. I'm not totally amazed by them, but I'm still anticipating the entire album. I did a review of these two songs recently, and I appreciate it if you'd check it out:

Many thanks,

Ian said...

MONTH OF MAY: it's a fun song, I liked it. The music was good so I give it a 8.5