Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playlist for a Weird Year

Instead of a ballot, our pal Dan Rubin supplies us with songs to hear during 2008's fade-out:

I wish we could just hit PLAY here, because this is a playlist, not a greatest albums or songs list. It's meant to move. To be honest, I didn't listen to albums that often in 2008. Or buy them, unless you count that Neil Young show from 1968 that just came out. So this is the best I can do -- a livable, listenable list of song recordings made or released this year. I have been hunting and gathering for several weeks, and am grateful for Largehearted Boy, who each year links all these blogger lists of the best this and that, and I have been waking up early and right-clicking merrily. Here's the result. It, like I, is rockist and unrepentant. It starts with murder, and features smoking guns, philosophy, Cleveland, `70's guitar licks, a two-cow-garage, truckers to drive by, a girl from Philly, and a remake of Ronnie Laine' s arrangement of a Derroll Adams song. And they say rock is dead.

Playlist for a Weird Year

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Daniel Rubin said...

that Ryan Adams track comes from a visit to the BBC earlier this year. He covers the Foo Fighters with a drummer and second guitarist. They slow it down, stretch it out, nail it down.