Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Week for Balloting

Voting for the Teenage Kicks Readers Poll of your favorite albums and songs of the year closes this Sunday, December 21. Details here. A music enthusiast from Philadelphia gave us this list of his favorite albums:

1. Mates Of State- Re-Arrange Us
Having played this cd a thousand times, I've come to the conclusion it doesn't suck

2. Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend
For all you cardigan wearing, ivy league attending, afro-pop referencing nerds out there...have I got a record for you.

3. MGMT- Oracular Spectacular
A younger, hipper Flaming Lips.

4. The Explorers Club- Freedom Wind
Delivers everything you loved about the Beach Boys, minus John Stamos.

5. The Raconteurs- Consolers of the Lonely
As side projects go, holds up much better than the "Meg White sex tape"

6. Attic Lights- Friday Night Lights
This being an obscure import release, I feel smugly superior including it in my top 10.

7. Santogold- Santogold
Santi White: hip hop hipster goddess.

8. Glen Campbell- Meet Glen Campbell
The shine came off a little when I heard he was spoon fed these songs. But c'mon, Glen Campbell doing a Mats cover!

9. Brazilian Girls- New York City
Though this is their third album, I've only recently discovered they're not actually from Brazil.

10. Tokio Hotel- Scream
Finding out the lead singer is really a guy...embarrassing. Still thinking he's cute...disturbing.

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