Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bill McGarvey gives you a song for Christmas

Our pal Bill McGarvey has recorded a version of the contemporary classic "(Christmas) Baby, Please Come Home," and he wants you to have it for free. And we want you to check out Busted Halo, the online journal of faith and culture where Bill serves as editor-in-chief.

Bill McGarvey, "(Christmas) Baby Please Come Home"


Col said...

I'm here to comment on the Hold Steady's 'Stay Positive' CD. I like the first, second and tenth track. When I say like I mean love. I hate all of the other Hold Steady albums. They are a bore for most non Americans, but Stay Posiive is a definite cross over record. There, I said it.

Michael Atchison said...


We are quite pleased (and mildly bewlidered) by your comment, and are gratified that you stopped by. I think if you ask most non Americans, they'll find this blog a bore as well, an opinion shared by many Americans, too.