Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pat Feeney’s Best of 2007

Pat Feeney is the owner and chief musical curator of Main Street Music, a terrific independent record store in Philadelphia’s Manayunk neighborhood. Buying at places like Main Street is good for your soul, and the smart guys behind the counter can point you in the direction of great stuff you might otherwise miss. Pat gave us a list of his eleven favorite discs of the year, in no particular order.

Jason Isbell
Ryan Adams
The Thrills
Bruce Springsteen
The Red Button
Neil Young/Live at Massey Hall
Jesse Malin
America (that's right, America. Does somebody wanna take it outside?)
Iron & Wine

Also considered the White Stripes and Dito Montiel.But the most exciting release was the re-issue of Jules & the Polar Bears "Got No Breeding" with bonus tracks! ............Yikes.


Trip McClatchy said...

Feeney... thanks for your top 10. Got 'em all except America - and that probably ain't changing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Feeney! Where'd you find out about that Jules and the Polar Bears re-issue?