Friday, January 25, 2008

All I Have to do is Stream

In addition to running a first-rate record label, the good folks at Yep Roc are far more forward-thinking than their big-label counterparts. Instead of suing their customers for trying to turn others on to new tunes, Yep Roc shares them for free, with the understanding that if people can hear new music, they might like it, and, in turn, buy it. They currently have a veritable cornucopia of superb offerings on their site, including Flock, by huge-in-Ireland homeboys Bell X1, and Honey Songs, by alt/trad country crooner Jim Lauderdale, whose crack band includes members of the Crickets and the E Street Band, plus James Burton, who played with a couple of guys named Elvis.

The real jewels, though, are a pair of upcoming reissues - Brit rock god Paul Weller's 1993 opus Wildwood, and the genre- and era-defining Nick Lowe classic, Jesus of Cool.


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kcneon said...

Both Yep Roc and Merge do a great job of keeping their band's fans happy. I check both their sites out periodically for their latest.

I'd suggest another offering on Yep Roc - Ian Hunter's latest album released last year. Solid effort and one of my favs from 2007.