Saturday, March 10, 2007

Teenage Kicks 2007

Last night I went to the Anti-Flag concert at the TLA. For those of you not familiar with Anti-Flag, think a little Black Flag, a little Rancid and whole bunch of Generation X and Buzzcocks, but without the songwriting chops. They spew three minutes doses of hardcore power pop bile. Not only are they Anti-Flag, they are anti-Bush, anti-nationalism, anti-war, anti-consumerism (plenty of concession sales though) and anti-everyone that doesn’t agree with them.

But they were also a whole lot of fun – stage frenzy, gang vocals , crowd-surfing mohawked bassist , actual hooks plus a shit-eating grinner of a drummer who looked liked a beefier Billy Zoom. But most importantly, they’ve got a fanatic base of fist-pumping, pit-moshing, testosterone-raging teenage boys (not to mention the black-clad, overly mascara-ed punk rock girls).

I took two of those teenage boys to the show (pictured above) and I’d take them another 100 times to stand in the geezer section (in front the bar where a few tables are set up) and watch how real rock rollers prove it all night. For offering me a window into my 15 year old soul, Teenage Kicks salutes T-Dawg and Jules.

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