Friday, March 02, 2007

Easy There, Chief

Stone Classic. Stone. Classic. Perhaps Michael and I have a different definition of that term. While “Every Breath You Take” is a great song and arguably the Police’s finest four minutes, is it a stone classic indicative of some larger oeuvre that would make normally rational folks plunk down $250 to see them in sports stadiums? I humbly suggest it is not… despite overwhelmingly quick sellouts of all their shows.

When I think stone classic, I think:

“Street Fighting Man”. “Satisfaction”. “Tumbling Dice”. OR

“One”. “I Will Follow”. “Pride (In The Name of Love”. OR

“Born to Run”. “Rosalita”. “Thunder Road”. OR

“Won’t Get Fooled Again”. “My Generation”. “Baba O’Riley.” OR

“Hey Jude”. “All My Loving”. “Maybe I’m Amazed”. OR

“Margaritaville”. “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. “Son of A Son of A Sailor”.

These are the types of songs that, to me, would scream “stone classic” status thus inspiring thousands to troop merrily to giant stadiums and grassy fields to glimpse their teenage idols bring back the memories one more time. Not “Roxanne”.

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