Saturday, March 10, 2007

Marianne Faithfull - All You Have to Do is Dream

Sometime Thursday night, deep in my NCAA hoops morass (both my Hawks and Michael's Tigers were coming up tremendously small), I came across a stunning performance on the local PBS station.

They were doing the quarterly beg-a-thon and showing the Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus, and I first happened to catch a little chat between John Lennon and “Michael” Jagger, obviously pie-eyed. Interesting enough, but what really caught my eye was Marianne Faithfull’s version of “Something Better”. It’s not really a great song (kinda hippy-dippy in a flowery-powery way) but her appearance is mesmerizing. She remains stock still in a floor length evening gown and looks so out of place as to be out of time... and those eyelashes! But my god was she gorgeous, possibly the most elegant pop star ever? And her sweet, scratchy voice (which deepened later into a craggy, earthy moan) sounds angelic and sexy, which is what we all want, right?

So I put it to you dear readers (both of you), has there ever been a sexier, more perfect female pop star than Marianne Faithfull?

Check out this clip of “As Tears Go By” and dream.

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William Kates said...

She's also done some nice work more recently with a great singer-songwriter-musician-producer named Barry Reynolds. Check out Broken English (1979).