Saturday, April 21, 2012

Record Store Day 2012!!

I hope you score that Feistodon 7" that's got Feist and Mastodon covering each other. Or the Carolina Chocolate Drops/Run DMC split 7" which pairs CCD's new version of Run DMC's classic "You Be Illin" with the original. Or maybe you'll splurge and get the first three groundbreaking Uncle Tupelo albums on 180 gram vinyl. Me, I'd like to get the Dave Hause and Justin Townes Earle 45's and the fun. 10". But the important thing is to get out of the house today and go converse with other humanoids. That's what Record Store Day is about (well, that and getting Feeney to perk up a bit) - the connection with the music, the discovery, the thrill of finding a record you've been searching for or stumbling upon a future crush you didn't even know existed (like Shark Tape). Talking to people!! Check out this clip from Almost Famous which features a young Patrick J. Feeney getting safe passage to a new world courtesy of the old album stash under the bed.

I'll be spending the day at Main Street Music in Manayunk, but Record Store Day sales and celebrations will be emptying wallets all over the Delaware Valley at Repo, aka, Shady Dog, Tunes, Mad Platter, Siren, Positively and many others.

Here is the Main Street Music (4444 Main St., 215-487-7732) schedule of live bands and a sample mp3 from each:

12:30 - Shark Tape - "Joanne"
1 PM - Cheers Elephant - "Falling Out"
2 PM - Megan Reilly - "Throw It Out"
2:30 - John Wesley Harding - "There's A Starbucks (Where The Starbucks Used to Be)"
3:30 - Anthony D'Amato - "On The Banks of The River Where I Died"
(buy Anthony D'Amato's brand new release, Paper Back Bones, a month
before it's release date exclusively at Main Street Music... it's really good!)

4 PM - Jesse Malin - "St. Marks Sunset"
5 PM - Spinto Band - "Summer Grof"

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