Saturday, April 14, 2012

# 6 (TM) - Dave Hause - Resolutions

Making the transition to punk rocker (as lead singer of The Loved Ones) to singer-songwriter is difficult to pull off, but Dave Hause has not only done it with grace and cred intact, but has also succeeded with his veins bulging ferocity intact.  

The songs on his solo debut Resolutions grapple with that moment when idealized notions (changing the world via punk rock) meet maturing truths (how to marry art, family and adult obligations) in a fantastic mess of frayed nerves and still to be finished stories. Hause dials down a bit of The Loved Ones' scorched earth policy, but his clear, testifying vocals fill the grooves with emotion and empathy. Inspirational verse which strikes at Resolutions evangelical, hardcore heart - "I want to play some Al Green  and spend more time with Tim".

Dave Hause - "C'mon Kid" (from Revival TourCollection 2009)
Dave Hause - "Another Town" (Steve Earle cover)

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