Saturday, April 14, 2012

# 7 (TM) - Dawes - Nothing is Wrong

Dawes will not change the world, but Nothing is Wrong might change yours. Writing drifting, lovesick tunes about homesick blues, Dawes are tasteful to a fault. The songs are terrific, but lose some of the zip the exhilarating live shows bring. But that's a minor quibble when you're sitting on songs as good as "Time Spent in Los Angeles", "Coming Back to A Man", "Fire Away" and "Million Dollar Bill". And verses like this from "Time Spent in Los Angeles" recall early Jackson Browne, which sets the bar extremely high:

"Cause you got that special kind of sadness
You got that Tragic set of charms
That only comes from time spent in Los Angeles
Makes me wanna wrap you in my arms"

Leading the way (along with The Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons) in reviving the Laurel Canyon brand of melodic and heart on sleeve songwriting, Dawes rank among the best young American bands.

Dawes - "Lawyers, Guns and Money" (Warren Zevon cover)

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