Thursday, February 16, 2012

# 15 (TM) Frank Turner - England Keep My Bones

Pop music has always been safe haven for an angry young man with a guitar. From A.P. Carter to Billy Bragg, Bob Dylan to Ted Leo, a solitary figure railing against social injustice and hammering away at the six string is a time honored and noble tradition. After serving time in agit punks Million Dead, Frank Turner adds his name to this list.

England Keep My Bones mines the same Billy Bragg territory as his earlier solo albums, with perhaps a bit less witty wordplay but an even more naked sincerity. You can't help but love a song as simple and brilliant as the rock-and-roll-will-save-your-life call to arms of "I Still Believe" or the rabble rousing "I Am Disappeared", which calls out country and self to have and believe in dreams, lest we all fade away.

Frank Turner - "I Am Disappeared" (from England Keep My Bones)
Frank Turner - "Thunder Road" (Springsteen cover)

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