Monday, February 20, 2012

# 14 (TM) The David Mayfield Parade - The David Mayfield Parade

Sometimes just doing one thing well can elevate an album from also-ran to contender status. That's the case with David Mayfield, whose soft, crystalline twang envelops each song on The David Mayfield Parade with unswerving good cheer, even when heartbreak looms around each corner. Sounding like early James Taylor and even more like fellow Ohioan Craig Fuller, Mayfield hits that sweet spot between slick country pop and the commercial black hole that swallows up most alt country.

Fans of the Avett Brothers should be bewitched as Seth and Scott add harmonies to the lover's plea "I Just Might Pray', Caitlin Rose duets on the stately old-time vibe of "Faraway Love" and "What Do You Call It" has the most insane, immediately catchy chorus of the year. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Mayfield's May show at the Tin Angel was a three ring circus - one part Grand Ol Opry, one part slapstick vaudevillian and one part campy goofball. High entertainment.

The David Mayfield Parade - "Faraway Love" (from The David Mayfield Parade)

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