Thursday, February 23, 2012

# 13 (TM) - Army Navy - The Last Place

Power pop lives on in the skinny jeaned, parallel striped shirt world of Army Navy. Lead singer Justin Kennedy writes about affairs of the heart and sings with the airy, well-scrubbed breeziness of Glenn Tillbrook. Their sophomore release, The Last Place, finds our hero at Relationship's End (what a perfect band name) with someone who might be a celebrity and might be married. Every sad-sack song is crafted for maximum sing-along-ability, blurring the acidic effects of heartbreak like greasy burgers ease hangovers.

If you like Squeeze, Teenage Fanclub, early REM and the dB's (especially the dB's on "I Think It's Gonna Happen"). you will love this record. If you don't like these bands, maybe it's time you started seeing other blogs.

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