Friday, January 01, 2010

TK # 40 - Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker (2000)

Hot on the heels of the implosion of the mercurial and semi-brilliant Whiskeytown, Heartbreaker seemed to signal Ryan Adams as the leading light of the sometimes moribund alt-country movement. But ten years on, it looks like a freak - the one complete, coherent, riveting statement where we saw Ryan Adams channel Ryan Adams instead of the chameleon who half-heartedly channeled his heroes on later records. It’s an album of maturity, hope, despair and promise that’s lifts your spirit every time it breaks your heart.

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Chris said...

Great record, think I should give it a re-listen it's been a while. Have you heard that Ryan Adams is teaming up with Jesse Malin, should be good. The story's here