Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TK #18: The Fratellis – Costello Music (2007)

I had been waiting much of my life for a band that perfectly melded the DNA of T. Rex and the Undertones, and this thunderously melodic trio of Scots delivered in spades. With fuzzed-out guitars and a fuzz-tone vocal burr, this isn’t an album as much as a series of three-minute concertos for buzzsaw and dynamite. Gems abound here, but none is quite as gemmy as “Chelsea Dagger,” as big a blast in the pants as this decade offered. No other list will rank this album so high. Suffice it to say that all those other lists are stupid.

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Ms Suki said...

If I had a list, I'd rank this as high, and maybe higher. An instant party on my Ipod is how I always think of these songs. I hope they are making a lot of money - Chelsea Dagger seems to pop up everywhere.