Friday, May 22, 2009

Rod The Mod

Apparently Rod Stewart was on American Idol the other night and continued to bludgeon his legacy. I can not, will not, shall not defend him, but for a five year period the guy had one of the great rock and roll winning streaks of all time. Courtesy of my brother Kevin, (great find, Doc!), here's a reminder of why many still get weak-kneed at the mention of "Gasoline Alley", or "Mama You Been on My Mind", or "Too Bad", or "Pool Hall Richard", or "True Blue" or "Handbags and Gladrags", or, or, or, or.... well, I think you get the idea.


Ms Suki said...

I listened to 'Gasoline Alley' and 'Every Picture Tells A Story' over and over. I've said it before & I'm sure I'll say it again, but Rod is the single biggest disappointment in rock history. Oh, the things he did for a buck.

Scott McClatchy said...

Well, I’ll stand up for Rod. To this day, I can count on one hand the amount of acts that can put on a better show than Rod Stewart. And one of those acts would be The Faces … when Rod and the boys truly owned every stage they walked on.

Listen, I agree with most folks, and feel that Rod 'lost his way' somewhere along this journey. But I still hope for Rod to write and record that one CD that will bring him back in to the hearts of both fans and cynics alike. And, I’m happy to say, I still believe he can do it. But for now, I refuse to join the “what have you done for me lately” bandwagon that grows bigger by leaps and bounds every day.

I’ve never sat and talked with Rod about his career choices. But, then again, there’s no reason why I should. It’s his career and he doesn’t owe me a thing. But I will humbly disagree with the tag of ‘single biggest disappointment in rock history’ – (I have my own list for that title … but that’s for another time & place … hopefully somewhere where cold beers are being served). For now, I’ll just say that the guy has delivered more thrills to me (both on record and in concert) than one could hope for.

With each CD, I’ll give it a listen … and see if there’s anything to get me excited again. And though I’m not a fan of the ‘American Songbook’ series … there seems to millions out there who are, it does have it's merits.

I’d love to see Rod write a few new songs, cover some current ‘Americana’ type artists – and have T Bone Burnette produce the whole affair. Like I stated, I still think he can deliver a great CD … but that’s just my humble opinion.

Rave On, Folks!!

don said...

Before American Idol I would have agreed with Scott, but Rod sounded awful that night. He had nothing to his voice. I was under the impression that his voice was still fine but unless that rendition of "Maggie May" was an aberration, I'm not so sure he's got it in him with or without the T-Bone Burnett treatment.