Friday, May 08, 2009

Free Downloads: LoveLikeFire and Linfinity

A couple of interesting tracks from heretofore unknown (to me) bands hit the inbox this week. First is LoveLikeFire, a San Francisco quartet with a new EP called William. The first single from the well-polished, guitar-driven effort is called "Signs" and is available here. Also be sure to check out their MySpace page to hear "Stand In Your Shoes," a scorcher that isn't on the EP.

LoveLikeFire, "Signs"

Next is six-piece New York outfit Linfinity, who dress like hipster morticians, and whose music is a melting pot of sophisticated art-rock influences. The single "Molly Mar of Rome" is a little Arcade Fire, a little late-period Roxy Music, and a hint of Hothouse Flowers.

Linfinity, "Molly Mar of Rome"

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