Monday, May 04, 2009

The Duke And The King

There's a classic joke that goes something like:

Q: What's the last thing the drummer said before he was kicked out of the band?

A: Hey, wanna do one of my songs?

Well, Simone Felice has left The Felice Brothers and that's no joke. Oh the brothers will soldier on without him and their recent shows still explode in controlled , loose limbed chaos. But Simone was no ordinary drummer - he wrote lyrics, sang lead in his sweet choirboy voice and brought a sense of imminent danger and desperation to their frantic stage shows. The angel with a dirty face and quite frankly, the emotional soul of the band.

And now, after a period of "tragedy, sadness, and regeneration", he has emerged with The Duke And The King, a two man project with Robert "Chicken" Warren (Run Chicken Run?) and they'll be debuting later this month with a limited edition UK only 4 song EP followed by a full length album, Nothing Gold Can Stay, later this summer.

Here's the first track, "If You Ever Get Famous", a gentle piece of alt-country soul that lilts along like a wistful goodbye love letter. It's a stunner. Look for The Duke And The King on tour later this summer.

The Duke And The King - "If You Ever Get Famous"


Scott McClatchy said...

"Nothing Gold Can Stay" - great title!! Makes me wonder if they are quoting the Robert Frost poem ... or just really big fans of the book; "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton.

Mike Amari said...

In a radio interview on WDST Simone quoted both!