Thursday, November 08, 2007

Song For The Dreamers

The best rock and roll should always be able to surprise... and inspire. And that's why Danny and Dusty, a one-off anti-supergroup of L.A. paisley underground gadflies qualifies as the best rock and roll. Formed around the nucleus of Dan Stuart (Green on Red) and Steve Wynn (The Dream Syndicate), Danny and Dusty recorded (apparently in one legendary 36 hour bender) one booze-soaked masterpiece of pure alt-fun. I hadn't known anyone who even knew who these guys were (besides my brother Scooter) until recently I met up with someone who was able to burn me a copy of their long out of print debut, The Lost Weekend.

Now a new album (Cast Iron Soul - available here) has brought the boys back together for a few gigs... and so far only one on the east coast - January 12, 2008 at The Bowery Ballroom (tix here) with the guiter heroics of Dave Schramm and his band The Schramms opening. One question punk - are you man enough to go to Manhattan for this gig? Saddle up because I think Feeney is driving, and you know what that means... on the way home I'll be asleep before we hit Hoboken.

But I digress - take a listen to a true lost classic - the original song from The Lost Weekend and of course, since it's 2007, a recent video. And just check out rock and roll Dan Stuart at 3:42 of this video ... Danny and Dusty got soul. This song stings, it swings, and you'll be a better person for having heard it.

And since it's Friday, here's two more alt country classics, one each from The Beat Farmers and the Del Lords.

Danny and Dusty - Song For The Dreamers

Obligatory YouTube video

Beat Farmers - Bigger Stones

Del Lords - Judas Kiss


don said...

"No sleep 'til Brooklyn".

Oh wait, that's the wrong direction.

I had a ticket in my Ticketmaster shopping cart. Didn't go through with it, but I think I just might.

Evilwoman said...

I was listening to this album today.
OK. It was really a CD.
I still call 'em albums tho.
Anyway, 9 songs....every one a winner.

They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, nobody knows where is possible to get song for the dreamers on cd or mp3